Finding a Way to Operationalize Credit for MOOCs

Career College Central Summary:

  • When the University System of Georgia announced a partnership with Coursera last year, officials at Kennesaw State saw it as an opportunity to give more learners a pathway to higher education as well as drive enrollment for the university.
  • To establish a process that would operationalize credit awards for MOOC participants, in March 2014 KSU created a Virtual Assessment Center (VAC), which processes fee-based portfolio submissions from MOOC students and routes them to departments for evaluation.
  • The university can now offer courses that are open to the public, but also give professionals a clearly defined pathway to credit and potential entry into degree programs.
  • KSU's initial MOOC offering focused on teacher education.
  • "We felt that if we were going to participate in MOOCs, it had to make sense for us," said Elke Leeds, assistant vice president for technology-enhanced learning and executive director of KSU's Distance Learning Center.
  • "We looked at our strengths. We are the third-largest higher education institution in Georgia and the No. 1 producer of teachers.
  • We have some wonderful centers of excellence and faculty who are truly focused on student learning outcomes and less focused on their own research."

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