Flipping Classes

Flipping Classes

Transforming the times when students are isolated from the instructor into times of breakthrough. 

By Don Arnoldy, Contributing Writer

Each day, in our classrooms, we bring groups of students together at the same time and in the same space to engage in an activity which is, for them, both individual and passive: listening to a lecture. We then send them off to diverse places to answer questionsabout the content, apply the content to problems and to make meaning of what has been presented to them: to study.

If the student has missed, or misunderstood, some element of the lecture, then there is no instructor, nor other students, around to help negotiate the meaning while the student is doing “homework.”

By recording lectures and making them available online, or using lectures that are already available there, we can move the individual, passive activities of the student to times and places where they are isolated from the instructor and their classmates. This makes more room for active learning experiences within the classroom. This is the essence of the “flipped” classroom. There are a couple of personal hurdles that I had to overcome to undertake this class.

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September/October 2014 Career College Central Magazine, starting page 40

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