For-Profit Advocates Gather to Assess Innovation, Accreditation, and Regulation

Executives in the for-profit higher-education sector, big names in the nonprofit sector, investment bankers, analysts, and others gathered today at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington to discuss innovation among for-profit colleges and the regulations that the industry may soon face.

The forum coincided with the release of a report, sponsored by the chamber and its affiliate, the Institute for a Competitive Workforce, that identified pending regulations and the current accreditation structure as "obstacles to innovation."

"Why aren’t more colleges harnessing technology’s power on behalf of their students?" asked Margaret Spellings, the former secretary of education and a senior adviser to the chamber. “Unlike financial aid, technology and free enterprise are not taken from taxpayers—and so they cannot be taken away. But they can be hindered by a federal government that thinks in the same old ways.”


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