For-Profit Education A Growing Presence

Career College Central summary:

  • Steve Gunderson, president and CEO of the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities, told the Atlanta Business Chronicle that career colleges are playing an increasingly important role in supplying higher education that meets workforce demands.
  • “Our schools really have their ears to the ground as to what the market is,” Gunderson said. “Our sector is responsive to the needs partly because we have the flexibility to do it.”
  • Gunderson said a key reason for the growth in popularity of for-profit colleges and universities is the increasing number of students attending college as adults – many in mid-career ­– rather than directly from high school.
  • Gunderson said a big advantage for students of for-profits is that they can complete their education faster than in traditional colleges and universities. It takes just 18 months to get an associate’s degree from a for-profit and three years to earn a bachelor’s degree.

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