For-profit schools shadowed by inquiries

Nearly a dozen attorneys general across the United States have launched separate investigations into for-profit schools. The outcome of those probes could have major consequences in Arizona and nationally – for the schools, their students, their employees and other stakeholders.

Investigators are exchanging information, and industry observers suggest there is a good possibility that the inquiries will result in a global settlement, similar to the 1990s agreement with tobacco companies, that will seek fines and industry reforms.

Attorney General Tom Horne said that Arizona isn’t participating in the investigations. Fallout from the other states’ probes, however, could have a big impact on Arizona.

Thousands of Arizonans work at for-profit schools, which range from heavyweights such as the 400,000-student University of Phoenix to storefront truck-driving academies and beauty schools. Many industry supporters say that the thousands of students who graduate from for-profit schools each year are proof that the industry offers access to higher education and convenient classes to underserved groups, especially the working class.

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The Arizona Republic 

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