Former SMU MBA Head Pitches for Online School

The former head of the executive MBA program run by Saint Mary’s University is out pitching for a new educational institute. Harvey Silverstein is the dean of business and information for Meritus University, a Fredericton-based online university he says is breaking new ground in the education field.

Owned by Apollo Group, an American education provider with more than 400,000 students in 40 states and a half dozen other countries, Meritus offers a Canadian curriculum targeted at working adults interested in pursuing MBAs and BAs in business and information technology.

The school is just over a year old and there are 40 teachers and 200 students, a few from Nova Scotia. It is recognized by the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission and its tuition is slightly lower than brick-and-mortar schools.

Mr. Silverstein believes with the convenience offered by the Internet and the growing credibility of online university offerings, within five years Meritus U enrolment will be in the thousands.

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