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Patrice Powell loves her job leasing apartments.  But what would fulfill a life ambition for the Dallas single mother is getting a college degree, for herself and her daughter.  That’s why the UTA dropout who once pre-majored in partying is applying for a scholarship to get an online education for free.  She’s submitted the required essay.  "I wrote 1500 words.  Didn’t even know I knew 1500 words."

The competition for one of 65 scholarships to the 5 participating colleges is fierce.  Project Working Mom and Dads has 200,000 applicants to date, more than any in his three year history.  Content Director Helen MacDermott says, "People are realizing the value of a college education and most people are stating that they’re either in fear of losing their job or have been recently laid off and are looking for that credential in order to be more marketable."

For applicant DaShonda Wallach, also of Dallas, finishing college is no game.  She’s needs it to realize her dream of getting a master’s and she needs her children to know it’s doable.

DaShonda Wallach says, "I stress education very much to them.  And hope in their minds they know the end is not high school.  The end is obtaining a minimum of a bachelor’s before you do anything."  (

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