FUSION: Hillary Clinton thinks community college should be free

Career College Central Summary:

  • Hillary Clinton said community college should be free during a roundtable with students in Iowa on Tuesday.
  • “I fully support President Obama’s plan to make community college free,” the newly announced presidential contender said at Kirkwood Community College, the first official stop of her campaign.
  • Clinton, who is casting the first part of her campaign as a listening tour to get to know “everyday Americans,” said she also wants to reduce peripheral higher education costs, such as books and room and board.
  • “Some people have told me that becomes a bigger problem,” she said.
  • The Democratic frontrunner praised Kirkwood, which has forged partnerships with high schools and four-year universities to ease students’ pathway to a degree.
  • Without specifically naming the for-profit college sector, Clinton added that she hopes to “flesh out the bad actors,” referring to schools that take advantage of students.
  • “We need a new vision,” she said, “of how we’re going to do education that can get people excited again.”

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