Globe University And Minnesota School Of Business Launch Center For Teaching And Learning

Globe University and affiliate universities Minnesota School of Business (MSB) and Broadview University have launched a Center for Teaching and Learning to support faculty, professionalize teaching and advance student learning.

The Center for Teaching and Learning — launching in January 2013 — will provide a wide range of research-based resources such as:

Pre-Start Teacher Training: Provides new faculty members with an orientation and onboarding experience designed to help them transition to Globe campuses. The training focuses on pedagogy, campus culture, technology tools and understanding the needs of students.

Master Teacher Program: Advanced training for faculty with a record of teaching excellence for a minimum of eight quarters. Advanced training could include off-site professional development and conferences and time to publish and present white papers.

Regional In-Services: At numerous in-service conferences faculty receive training designed to advance their teaching abilities and improve student learning and engagement.

“The high quality of instructors has always made the critical difference at our schools,” said Shana Weiss, academic dean for Globe University and its affiliate schools. “Our instructors come to us with proven industry experience. Our Center for Teaching and Learning sharpens their teaching abilities through programs that help them become masters of their craft,” she said.

Academic initiatives accelerate and improve student learning outcomes
Globe’s Center for Teaching and Learning formalizes initiatives that enhance classroom experiences for the school’s students:

Applied Learning Experiences: Since 2010 applied learning projects, or what are called learning-by-doing projects, have been integral components of every class. In collaboration with local employers, students work on actual projects in addition to classroom work. Typical applied learning projects have included creating marketing plans for small businesses, designing company logos and holding pet check-up clinics.

Students often cite applied learning projects as one “thing” they like most about their experience at Globe schools.

Flipped Classrooms: Students in selected classrooms will experience a new method of learning that capitalizes on the national trend of easy-to-access technology resources at home and on the go. These classrooms are a more engaging, activities-based environment compared to traditional classrooms.

Globe’s Center for Teaching and Learning will improve and encourage student learning and engagement, support new instructional methods and elevate the professionalism of teaching at all of the school’s campuses.

Globe University and Minnesota School of Business are part of a premier, family-owned system of career colleges, universities and training centers based in Woodbury, Minn. These specialty-skills colleges prepare professionals for successful careers in a wide range of high-demand fields. Through its philosophy, We Care, the organization integrates hands-on education and applied-learning experiences that expose students to their communities and real-world situations. Programs offer undergraduate, diploma and graduate degrees in a wide range of career fields, including business and accounting, health sciences, legal sciences, technology, creative media and applied arts. More than 30 programs are available online. All academic programs are accredited by the nationally recognized Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). For more information, visit


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