Good jobs don’t just appear. It’s time to stop blaming the unemployed

Career College Central Summary:

  • Recently, U. S. Speaker of the House John Boehner was caught on tape expressing his true opinion of the unemployed: “Unemployed people just sit around and don’t think they have to work,” he said.
  • Speaker Boehner must be unaware that there are two job applicants for every job opening. He must be unaware that unemployed workers are listening to the hollow promise that education is the key to a better life, going back to school, racking up debt to pay for their degree or certificate, only to find a minimum wage or sub living wage job with no benefits awaiting them.
  • Mr. Boehner must be unaware that his drive to further corporatize our economy has resulted in colleges — especially some for-profit private colleges — becoming more focused on their bottom line than on providing an education to lift Americans out of the grips of poverty.
  • For-profit colleges such as the University of Phoenix have been the subject of many news articles.
  • There’s reason for that. In 2011, 88 percent of the University of Phoenix’s income came from federal programs, most of it from student loans that equate to $3.2 billion.
  • Almost a quarter of their students default on their loans. According to the Washington Post, in 2013 the University of Phoenix graduation rate was 16 percent. Three out of every 20 students graduate. Seventeen don’t.

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