Google Classroom’s Doors Open

Career College Central Summary:

  • Even Google needs feedback.
  • Today Google is officially opening the doors to Classroom, a tool that allows educators to create, organize and manage online assignments using Google Docs and Drive.
  • Sound familiar? The key word is “officially”–Google first let word out that it was inviting teachers to apply to be beta users of Classroom on May 5, neatly timed with Teacher Appreciation Day.
  • More than 100,000 educators across 45 countries requested an invite. And from the “tens of thousands” of teachers who piloted Google’s beta, Google got plenty of comments–and yes, tweaked the product, says Zach Yeskel, a product manager on Google’s Apps for Education team.
  • The two most popular requests from teachers, Yeskel reports, were allowing teachers to view student assignments in progress, and a course overview page. With these features added, Google is making Classroom publicly available in 42 languages. Anyone with a Google Apps for Education account can get started.

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