Governor Seeks Community College Funding Reform

Career College Central summary:

  • Tinkering with how to calculate state money that North Carolina’s community colleges receive has left many campuses this fall with fewer instructors, larger classes and reduced services for students seeking skills to build careers.
  • Gov. Pat McCrory signed the state budget bill that contained a provision changing the base funding formula that the 58 colleges have used since 1999.
  • “We need to tie more funding to the outcomes of especially placing people in jobs and what the job market needs,” McCrory said in a recent interview with The Associated Press. The traditional formula, he added, “was basically made based upon how many people you have in the seats.”
  • This fiscal year is the first to implement a system in which campuses that succeed on performance standards—such as graduation rates and the number of students earning occupational licenses or GED—could get more state funds. The legislature also wants to put in place a fourth tier of funding for more high-tech programs.

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