Graduates, Disengaged

Career College Central Summary:
  • As the “value” of a degree continues to be questioned, defenders of academe have maintained a reliable counterpoint: college graduates are more likely to be employed.
  • A new survey suggests that even if they’re employed, many aren’t particularly happy. College graduates whose highest level of educational attainment is a bachelor’s degree say they are less engaged at work than people who completed some or no college, according to a new Gallup survey.
  • The difference, however, isn't huge; 28.3 percent of graduates say they are engaged on the job, or “involved in and enthusiastic about their work,” compared to 29.6 percent of people who finished some college and 32.7 percent of people who didn’t go beyond high school.
  • The survey includes 150,000 adults of varying ages, so the findings can’t be entirely due to the bleak job market that students have been up against since the economic recession.
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