Harris Miller on Degrees for Veterans

To the Editor:

Your Dec. 13 editorial "Preying on Veterans" claimed that some private-sector colleges and universities manipulate veterans.

Yes, our schools have seen an increase in enrollments of active-service soldiers and veterans.

But that trend should be celebrated, not condemned. It speaks highly to the motivation and commitment of these brave individuals who understand the key role of postsecondary education in achieving a successful career.

If we trust our men and women in uniform to defend our country, surely we must allow them the ability to choose schools most suited to their personal and family obligations and their career goals.

Our schools offer a flexible and career-focused education, tailored for those who do not have the resources or time to spend several years on a college campus as a full-time student. Many have programs especially designed to support veterans who sometimes bring special opportunities and challenges with them.

We must ensure that every American who wants a college degree — especially those who are serving or who have served in the military — can obtain one.

Only by allowing private-sector colleges and universities to continue to be a meaningful choice for those serving our country can we have a chance to reach this necessary goal.

Harris N. Miller
President, Association of Private Sector
Colleges and Universities
Washington, Dec. 13, 2010


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