Have Credential, Will Travel

Career College Central summary:

  • Community colleges in Texas are working hard to keep up with petrochemical companies’ demand for workers. The jobs pay well, and many associate degree-holders earn $50,000 to $70,000 a year right out of college.
  • The two-pronged challenge for the colleges is to give students the training employers want and to make sure it matches up with offerings at other Texas community colleges. That’s because students tend to bounce around the state to follow energy-industry jobs. And they often enroll at a nearby two-year institution to get additional training when they relocate.
  • Several community colleges have teamed up to create a central core of 36 credits toward a 60-credit associate degree aimed at oil and gas workers. Those courses, which include 15 credits' worth of accreditor-mandated general education requirements and 21 credits of specialized soft and mechanical skills training, are designed to transfer around the state.
  • The result is that students can avoid losing credits when they arrive on a new campus or re-enroll.

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