Herzing College, Orlando Is Now Herzing University

ORLANDO, Fla., On March 1, 2009, Herzing College officially became Herzing University. The name change was a natural progression of the institution after adding the School of Graduate Studies last year. A sign-changing ceremony celebrated the event at the Herzing University Orlando campus, with Campus President Heather Antonacci presiding and Jay Rupert, Member Services Representative from the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce, also in attendance. Commemorative T-shirts were sold and proceeds were donated to the American Cancer Society for Breast Cancer Awareness.

The university title will not alter the school’s mission of providing relevant, hands-on education. "Herzing is known for providing students a career-focused, convenient, and caring education, and that’s not going to change," stated Renee Herzing, who took the title of President/CEO on March 1, 2009 when her father, school founder Henry Herzing, relinquished it to become chancellor.

Chancellor Herzing agreed. "I know some people may be concerned that we’ve gone from the name college to university, but we have done that just to reflect the educational opportunity at Herzing, not a change in our inherent mission of helping students, whatever their level of need and desire is in terms of education," he said.

Under Chancellor Herzing’s leadership, Herzing has grown from a class of 12 students in a 7-month computer course into 13 campuses in the U.S. and Canada. The 9 U.S. campuses are regionally accredited and offer diploma, associate degree, and bachelor’s degree programs in the fields of technology, business, health care, design and public safety, in addition to four MBA degrees offered by the graduate school. A master’s in nursing is expected to be added this summer.

Herzing University’s long-standing tradition of emphasizing student service, ethical behavior, and respect and fair treatment of students, faculty and staff will continue through President Renee Herzing’s leadership. "Renee has been an integral part of the institution for over a decade, and there’s no doubt she shares her father’s vision," said Campus President Antonacci. "She’s just as passionate about helping students as he is, and her first thoughts are always about the best interest of our students."

"Career-focused – Convenient – Caring" education is the University’s motto. Caring is an integral part of the culture, and faculty and staff are hired as much for that characteristic as for their credentials and experience. Convenience is illustrated by not only the student choice of resident, hybrid, or online options, but also by the scheduling of classes in a morning, afternoon, or evening block so there is no wasted time between classes. All programs are career-focused with hands-on labs and real-world skills practice. Despite a tough economy, 94% of available 2008 Herzing Orlando graduates found work in their field of study.

Herzing has been in the Orlando area since 1995 and offers academic programs in nursing, radiography, surgical technology, therapeutic massage and physical therapist assistant, as well as business and technology diplomas and degrees.

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