High Textbook Prices Affect Student Grades, Study Shows

Career College Central summary:

  • The situation of the poor college student might affect grades, according to a study released by U.S. PIRG this week. Out of more than 2,000 students surveyed, 65% said they did not buy a textbook at some point during college because of the cost. Of those, 94% said this choice made them concerned about their grade.
  • Students spend an average of $1,200 on books and supplies every year, according to The College Board. “Students are either sharing text, an entire class will share one textbook in the library, some students have turned to illegal downloading or they’ll just entirely go without,” Ethan Senack, the higher education associate for U.S. PIRG, says.
  • The study showed that 82% of students said they would do “significantly better” in a course if the textbook was offered free online and the hard copy was an optional purchase. U.S. PIRG calls for more schools to start using this model for textbooks. “Open textbooks” are free resources online and have a reduced price for the hard copy.

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