HIGHER EDUCATION FOR ALL: Bridging The Skills Gap For Health Care Professionals And Nurses

Health care is one of the fastest growing sectors of the American economy, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the sector will have the highest projected employment growth through 2022. Many of the industry’s high-demand job positions require middle-skills and private sector institutions play a vital role in preparing America’s workforce to meet this demand. By offering career-focused education that trains students for middle-skills professions, private sector institutions are positioning graduates to reap the benefits of this growth and advance their careers.

Relative to other sectors, private sector institutions are devoting much more to training qualified health professionals. In 2012-13, 37 percent of all credentials conferred by private sector institutions were in health fields. In comparison, just 16 and 15 percent of all credentials conferred by public and private non-profit institutions, respectively, were in health fields.


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