Hiring Picture Brightens For This Year’s College Grads

This year's college graduates appear to be faring better in the job market than their class of 2011 counterparts.

That's the early read from the National Association of Colleges and Employers' recent Student Survey, which showed more grads in 2012 earning job offers and winning jobs along with the sheepskin.

As 2012's grads prepared to pick up their diplomas, about 26 percent had a job waiting for them, up from 24 percent for 2011 grads.

Of those 2012 grads who had applied for jobs, more than 44 percent won job offers.

That's up from 41.4 percent in 2011, according to the survey.

The hottest commodities, according to the survey, were those who were working on degrees in accounting, computer science, economics, engineering and business administration.

"Overall, 50 percent or more of the graduates in these fields who applied for a job received an offer," said association Executive Director Marilyn Mackes.

NACE polled some 48,000 college students nationwide from mid-January through April 30 for the report.

Prospects also seem to be improving for college students seeking internships.

Internship postings on online job site Indeed.com reached record highs in April, the website announced at its blog site blog.indeed.com, with Intel, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, eBay, Target and biotechnology firm Life Technologies leading the list of employers.

Employers posted 72 percent more internships in April than in March 2011, last year's leading month for internships at Indeed.com.

Meanwhile, NACE researchers, in their Internship & Co-op Survey, expected internship hiring to increase by nearly 9 percent in 2012 from 2011.


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