Imagine America Foundation Honors Frank Longaker, President Of National College, With Lifetime Achievement Award

Washington, D.C. (June 27, 2012) – Fueled by a genuine concern for others, National College President Frank Longaker is a natural leader. Perhaps his service as a Captain during the Vietnam War or dedication to his community supplement the philanthropic character Frank Longaker exudes. Although these achievements are noteworthy in themselves, Longaker has received his latest recognition from the Imagine America Foundation for yet another leadership accomplishment – his 40 years of dedication to National College and the career college community.

The Board of Directors of the Foundation presented Longaker with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2012 Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities Convention, in Las Vegas, on June 22.

In 1972, he became an instructor at National College’s Lexington Campus. After only three years of teaching, Longaker transitioned into his vital positions within the college’s administration. In the years that followed he served as financial aid director, director of student services, federal funds manager, and senior operating officer. Now, Longaker serves as the National College President.

He led the shift from three campuses in Kentucky and Virginia to the vast network of locations in 30 campuses across six states. Additionally, Longaker spearheaded the development of Computers Across the Curriculum, an innovative program that extended computer skills into every academic program at the college. He continues to integrate the latest technology into National College’s facilities, in hopes of better preparing students for future careers.

The annual Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes career college founders, owners or operators who have provided exceptional leadership and support to the career college sector. Previous awardees have distinguished themselves through the management of their institutions, their high ethical standards and devotion to innovation.

In addition to enhancing the education services offered at National College, Longaker is an active member of his community. Not only has he served as president of the Salem-Roanoke County Chamber of Commerce, he was also a candidate for the Virginia State Senate, raising important statewide issues. Longaker also contributes to his community though the restoration and beautification of historic properties, including the Bellvue Hotel and the Black Horse Tavern. He has a passion for community health and well-being, as a founding sponsor of the highly successful Blue Ridge Marathon.
To view the Lifetime Achievement Award video or to see a list of past recipients go or contact Bob Martin, president and CEO of the Imagine America Foundation at (202) 336-6758 and

About the Imagine America Foundation
The Imagine America Foundation (IAF), established in 1982, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing scholarships for education, research and training support for the career college sector. Since its inception, the Foundation has provided over $75 million in scholarship and award support for graduating high school seniors, adult learners and U.S. military personnel attending career colleges nationwide through its award-winning Imagine America® programs. The Foundation also publishes vital research publications for the higher education sector, honors achievement in career education and offers faculty development training. For more information about the Imagine America Foundation’s programs, please visit
About National College
National College, established in 1886, is a for-profit career college operating in the southeastern and east-central United States. National College has 30 campuses that serve individual communities throughout the area. It is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. The various campuses award credentials ranging from vocational certificates to the Master of Business Administration degree. Subjects taught include accounting, business management, health information technology, medical assisting, pharmacy, paralegal, information technology, hospitality and tourism, broadcasting technology, and emergency medical technology.

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