Institute of Technology Student Success Story: Edia Camara

Edia Camara, in her own words:

My name is Edia Camara and I am an Institute of Technology graduate of 2013.

Ever since I graduated from high school I wanted to continue my education. But obstacles kept coming my way. I attended college for 2 semesters before I got pregnant. I made the decision to quit school and raise my daughter. When my daughter graduated from high school, this was my chance to continue my education. Three weeks into college my husband had a stroke. I quit college so I could take care of him. He was hospitalized for two years before he passed. I still wanted to continue my education but by then the tuition was so high I couldn’t afford college.

So I gave up the idea of continuing my education.

Working for so many years I felt I had accomplished nothing in my life. Needless to say I was feeling depressed.

Amanda Nash (former manager) and Edia Camara

I started working for Amanda Nash, who was the Director of Career Services at the Institute of Technology. She knew my goal, and said that if I wanted to attend the school at IOT she would be supportive and would work around the class schedule. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity.

So let me tell you about my experience.

First stop, the Admissions Department. I met with the Assistant Director of Admissions. He listened to my “wants.” And that was to get a degree and have a sense of accomplishment. After finishing speaking, I remember him saying “you are so outgoing and such a people-person I think you will do well in the Human Resources program.” After a short thought I said “OK.”


Amanda Nash (former manager) and Edia Camara

Next stop – Financial Aid Department. The people in this department made the paperwork so seamless and not intimidating. They explained and guided me to the right program. They made sure I understood every detail before I left office.

Then I began classes. Let me tell you, the Institute of Technology is blessed with so many instructors who care about their students and believe that giving up is not an option for any student. For example, standing in front of the classroom and doing a presentation was something I would never do. But with the persistent encouragement from “Magic” Bob, who was my Professional Development instructor, I was able to overcome my fear. My last class was very stressful and extremely emotional for me. Why? Algebra!! But with an instructor like Heather Hixon how can you fail this class?! She has to be the best math instructor ever! She made herself available at all time to tutor her students. And of course I was one of them.

At last I graduated with a degree in Human Resources. Not only was I able to walk proudly across the stage in front of my family, friends and coworkers but I was chosen to give a speech in front of an audience. Now I felt I have accomplished something.

Oh – but it doesn’t end there. Let’s talk about Career Services Department.

The Career Services Advisors are dedicated to the past, present and future IOT graduates. They work closely with the students/graduates in teaching and practicing job skills such as interviewing, resume writing and networking. Remember my boss (who is now my ex-boss) Amanda Nash? She groomed and prepared me on how to present myself and hone my skills and with her help and connections, I am now working for Cargill, a worldwide company and very prominent business in the Fresno community, in the Human Resources Department.

Now my career has started! In the past I have attended two colleges and neither one of them guided me to the “path of success.” From beginning to the end, Institute of Technology had consistently shown concern for my future but treated me as if I was the only student and took the time to know me as a person.


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