Job Placement Confusion

Career College Central summary:

  • With tuition prices continuing to rise and greater numbers of graduates struggling in the job market, families, students and policy makers — most visibly President Obama — are increasingly questioning the “value” that colleges are providing.
  • In response to that mounting pressure, more colleges and universities are turning to alumni outcome surveys. But widely differing survey methods and various interpretations make it hard for students or national policy makers to draw conclusions about how a college degree from one institution prepares graduates for the work place compared to a degree from another college.
  • Many directors of career service programs recognize the flaws in outcome surveys, but say there’s no choice but to continue the surveys to appease the public while working to improve their quality and accuracy. Some national higher education organizations are developing guidelines so surveys can be used to compare one college to another. And individual colleges are revamping their surveys to gather more data and thoroughly analyze the results.

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