Jobs Skills Gap: Ongoing Issue

Career College Central summary:

  • The job skills gap has been an ongoing subject of controversy. The idea is that while unemployment is high, many jobs remain unfilled because American workers don't have the skills to fill them. Critics dispute this idea, arguing that if Corporate America simply upped the pay scale, and stopped trying to import cheap foreign labor through various visa programs, those jobs would be filled.
  • “On how serious is the skills gap … well, that has several dimensions," said Gary Beach, author of The US Technology Skills Gap. "Most of the data, like the Adecco survey, focus on the 'current' situation. Based on the incredibly poor results for [the] U.S., 15-year-old students in the latest PISA test results, I worry much more about the 'future'—out 10 to 15 years—skills gap crisis."
  • And how do you fix that? Well, that's the second part of the job skills gap debate: How do you teach the right skills, and who pays for it? This typically boils down to a government education versus private business training fight.

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