Kaplan 2.0

Career College Central summary:

  • Kaplan no longer has to pick up the slack for The Washington Post, the venerable newspaper and loss leader that Kaplan’s corporate owner, the Washington Post Co., just sold off. Actually, Kaplan is back in the black itself after years of tumbling enrollments and profits, which were driven in part by the weak economy and the for-profit sector's scandal-fueled regulatory woes.
  • The current excitement about online courses, competency-based degrees and other potential “disruptions” to higher education could also help the company. That’s because Kaplan is trying to add an ed-tech edge to its more conventional, degree-offering subsidiaries, more so than most of the other large career college chains.
  • The company’s higher education division, which began offering online degrees in 2001, makes most of its money with the largely online Kaplan University and other degree and certificate programs. Kaplan Higher Education kicked in slightly more than half the company’s $2.2 billion in revenue last year, according to a corporate filing. Test preparation and the international division were the other big draws.

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