Kaplan University launches Kaplan MyPath(TM) to help students tailor their education to maximize career goals

Kaplan University today announced the launch of Kaplan MyPath(TM), a new
program that utilizes career planning and student success diagnostics to help
students craft a course of study that maximizes their career potential. Kaplan
is among the first online universities to utilize these assessment tools among
all freshmen to address study skills and career focus before they begin their
academic program.

“Kaplan MyPath will help us identify students’ learning strengths and
weaknesses so that we can provide the tools they need to be successful while at
the same time giving them the ability to pinpoint careers that best suit their
talents,” said Wade Britt, Executive Director of Academic Operations at Kaplan
University. “Many college students change their majors three times before
settling on a career path. By utilizing these assessments before students begin
their academic program, we can help them personalize their education, zero in on
their career goals and have a stellar academic experience.”

Most Kaplan University students pursue their degrees online because the web
platform offers convenience and flexibility for those who are juggling work and
family responsibilities while pursuing their education. Kaplan offers its
students a wide variety of support tools, such as academic advising, online
tutoring, career counseling and success coaching, to make pursuing their post
secondary education less daunting. The new Kaplan MyPath program takes the
University’s student support services one step further. (MarketWatch) Read
full story.

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