Kaplan University Whistleblower Lawsuit Dismissed

Kaplan University has faced a string of lawsuits in recent years from stock holders and former employees who have complaints about the for-profit school.

But at least one lawsuit has been settled in Kaplan’s favor. A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit that Charles Jadelski filed using whistleblower protection laws. Jajdelski worked at Heritage College in Las Vegas, which was bought by Kaplan. He claimed he was fired for investigating possible fraudulent use of federal financial aid dollars. But the judge said that Jadelski failed to provide the specifics needed to "to put Kaplan on notice of the particular misconduct which is alleged to constitute the fraud charged."

"From the beginning, Kaplan has maintained that Mr. Jajdelski’s allegations were factually false and wholly without merit. Mr. Jajdelski was given several opportunities to state a claim against Kaplan, and each time, he failed to do so," the company said in a statement. "Kaplan respects the Court’s decision to close the case by dismissing Mr. Jajdelski’s lawsuit and entering final judgment in favor of Kaplan."

Michael J. Aguirre, a San Diego lawyer representing the Jajdelski, said he plans to appeal to the 9th Circuit Court. He said judge’s order wasn’t specific about what proof his client was lacking.

He said false claims, or whistleblower cases, “are falling victim to the overall indifference or hostility of the federal court to fraud cases.

“We’re living in one of the most pervasive areas of fraud in the history of our country,” Aguirre said, “and the court is finding every kind of technical excuse not to hear it.”

You can read the full judge’s order here.

Kaplan, which is owned by the Washington Post Corp. and has a large administrative presence in Fort Lauderdale, is one of eight for-profit schools being investigated by Florida’s Attorney General for alleged misrepresentations in areas such as recruiting, enrollment and financial aid.


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