Keiser University Announces Global Expansion With Latin American Campus

Career College Central summary:

  • The establishment of a new Nicaraguan campus of Keiser University (KU) is now complete, making it the seventeenth campus. The Keiser University Latin American campus, located in San Marcos, Nicaragua is an 18-acre residential campus located in the Highlands of Nicaragua. It has nearly 300 employees, serves 500 students, and offers degrees in business and liberal arts. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) has approved for Keiser University to administer a federally approved teach-out with Ave Marie University. Additionally, SACS has approved for KU to open an additional off-site location in San Marcos, Nicaragua.
  • The San Marcos campus will be under the direction of Campus President Matthew Anderson and its educational programs and services will continue to be provided by the current faculty and staff.  Keiser University plans to add new degree programs, including the MBA and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, both are scheduled to begin in January, 2014.
  • Current students are typically high school graduates from Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and the United States. Because most of the commerce in Nicaragua requires students to be fluent in English, the Keiser University Latin American Campus provides critical workforce training to the future leaders of Nicaragua.
  • In addition to the San Marcos campus, this institution has a language institute located in the capital city of Managua and provides English as a second-language training to almost 2000 adult and high school learners. The Managua campus is one of the major English-language training institutes in the entire country.
  • As a residential institution with traditional students, the new campus will have athletics such as football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, and boxing. The campus has dormitories for all the students, food service, a student center, a gymnasium, and a chapel.

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