Leader Wants to Strengthen the Business of Higher Education

Michel Martin talks with the President of The Career College Association, Harris Miller, about the changes within his organization. Namely, he explains that getting graduation and employment rates up and making sure all business practices are fair and transparent are the big push for his group

Today, we’re looking at the increasingly prominent role of for-profit colleges and universities. According to the General Accounting Office, enrollment in for-profit colleges and universities has exploded in recent years from some 365,000 students to almost 1.8 million in the last several years.

Now, supporters of these schools say these are diverse, affordable and accessible institutions that offer the kinds of practical educational experiences that many students these days want and need.

But a growing number of critics, including leadership in the federal government, are saying that too many of these schools are more interested in collecting tuition and student loan checks than they are in giving students a real education.

So we decided to hear from the organization that represents for-profit colleges. That is the Career College Association. And its president, Harris Miller, joins us here in our Washington, D.C., studios. Welcome. Thank you for coming.

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