Lincoln College Of Technology And Hurco Companies Partner To Promote CNC Machining In Indianapolis

Career College Central summary:

  • Lincoln Educational Services Corporation, a national leader in specialized technical training and a driving force in helping students turn their passion into professional success, has announced a training partnership with Hurco Companies, Inc., to train a new generation of CNC Machinists on the Indianapolis, IN campus of Lincoln College of Technology.
  • Lincoln will become one of the first proprietary school networks to launch a program offering training for CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Machining careers. The CNC Machining and Manufacturing Technology program will train students in manufacturing fundamentals such as milling, turning and lathing and will also include advanced machining concepts and simulated workplace exercises. All hands-on lab training will take place on Hurco equipment, which the manufacturer is providing to Lincoln. The agreement with Hurco establishes Lincoln as a training partner through 2018.
  • While Lincoln students will have the benefit of training on state-of-the-industry machines, Hurco will have the benefit of knowing their customers will be able to hire Lincoln graduates who join the workforce trained and ready to work on specific Hurco models. In addition, the top two graduating students from each Lincoln class will be offered paid internships with Hurco.

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