Lots Of Talk And Lots Of Unanswered Questions On Obama’s Education Plan

Career College Central summary:

  • Top White House officials might be stressing higher education as the ticket to a middle-class lifestyle, but they have provided few concrete examples of how President Barack Obama’s new college affordability plan will work.
  • The broad outline is as follows: The administration will base how much federal financial aid colleges get on a ratings system they plan to develop in the next couple of years; they’d like to encourage innovation (read: expanded online classes) to make higher education more accessible; and they’d like to set student loan repayment plans on how much graduates earn, and offer more student loan guidance to families.
  • Obama’s team can implement some of those plans, like the ratings system, on their own. But some huge questions remain. To see a list of key questions addressed — including how the rating system works and where the money will come from — follow the link below.

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