Major Papers 15-1 against For-Profit Education

Career College Central Summary:

  • The Obama administration continues its push to regulate for-profit colleges and national media outlets have joined in and overwhelmingly taken the side of bigger government.
  • Three top newspapers – The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and USA Today – portrayed for-profit education negatively by a factor of 15-1 in roughly three years of news coverage.
  • The outlets have been laying the groundwork for more regulations, repeatedly painting for-profit education as a problem in need of solutions.
  • The industry has been criticized for “exploitive and fraudulent practices” that “prey on veterans with misleading ads.”
  • The colleges were bashed for their cost, their lobbying and “woefully inadequate education.”
  • Journalists paid little attention to the challenges of educating students that more traditional schools would not accept.
  • A Feb. 20, 2014, New York Times article on a lawsuit against one for-profit company took the typical template of the news coverage.
  • “Though they vary widely in quality, for-profit schools have drawn scrutiny in recent years for aggressive recruiting, high prices, low graduation rates and heavy borrowing by students who often have poor job prospects afterward,” wrote the Times.
  • New York Times editorials followed that broad-brush attack.
  • It even called them “predatory schools” in April 2014, and “predatory colleges” in May.

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