Margaret Spellings Looks Back

Podcast Margaret Spellings may be in the final weeks of her term as U.S. education secretary, but last week proved that she’s not packing it in early. In a speech at Harvard University, she unveiled a plan to simplify the process of applying for federal student aid.

Spellings may not be quite ready to call it a term yet, but she is beginning, both in speeches like the one at Harvard and in an interview with Inside Higher Ed in her Washington office last week, to assess the impact of her nearly four years in office.

The interview covered some issues of immediate concern, notably the perceived short-term success that the department and Congress have had in ensuring that federal student loans remain available to borrowers and Spellings’s hope that the Treasury Department will not need to use the additional powers granted to it to help student loan providers in the new $700 billion bailout package for the financial industry. Read full story. (Inside Higher Ed)

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