Medtech Acquires Washington’s Radians College

Medtech announced last week it has acquired Radians College, a top nursing school in the Washington metro area. Radians College will continue to provide hands-on personalized training for the next generation of nurses as part of the growing Medtech network of schools.

Nurses are in high demand throughout the Washington, D.C., area and around the nation.  Radians College graduates are recognized as accomplished professionals from one of the top nursing schools in the District.

"Radians was established to deliver exceptional education programs focused on health care, particularly nursing.  That will not change," said Medtech President and CEO John L. Hopkins.

"The addition of Radians College to our family of campuses establishes a Medtech nursing presence in the Mid-Atlantic region that complements our strong nursing programs in the Midwest and is indicative of the investments we are making across our campuses to provide the most advanced resources and services to facilitate an extraordinary experience for our students."

Medtech is a 10-school company that has quickly become a leading post-secondary healthcare career education provider.  Medtech is nationally accredited with several campuses offering accredited nursing training.

“The similarities in the two cultures, values and pursuit of excellence are remarkable, which made our decision to join the Medtech network that much easier,” said Radians College President Seelan Abraham.  “We readily embrace the notion to ‘Be Extraordinary’ and, as a top nursing school in the District of Columbia celebrating its 20th anniversary, we will bring added energy to Medtech, just as Medtech will provide us with enhanced focus and support."

Under Hopkins’ leadership, Medtech has created a powerful, extraordinary education company that provides a distinctive education experience by establishing new industry learning and service standards while preserving each individual campus’ legacy and healthcare career training strengths.

As part of Medtech, Radians College will continue to embrace the core values and strict educational standards upon which it was established.  According to Abraham, the affiliation with Medtech reinforces the quality hands-on training his campus offers in labs equipped with sophisticated medical technology, as well as its commitment to providing Washington, D.C., students everything they need to live extraordinary lives and create new futures for themselves as in-demand nursing professionals.  Radians College has been an integral part of Washington, D.C., since 1991, graduating more than 1,700 practical nurses and 400 nursing assistants since its inception.

Medtech focuses primarily on preparing students for professions in the in-demand healthcare industry.  In addition to stimulating classroom instruction, students learn by doing through personalized hands-on training guided by industry experts, who provide the practical experience graduates need to excel in their chosen field of study.  Medtech’s extraordinary student experience provides graduates with the tools for establishing professional goals and achieving success in existing and emerging healthcare professions.  Medtech students are able to select from enhanced course offerings backed by the resources of an educational network committed to quality education and dedicated to preparing students for extraordinary new futures in healthcare.

“Radians College and Medtech are a terrific match.  In addition to bringing a strong nursing curriculum and exemplary academic record to Medtech, our ‘whole student’ approach pairs excellence in academics and pass-rates with life skills to build bright new futures and elevate the community in which we live and work.  We think this is a great road map for continued success,” Abraham added.

About Radians College
Radians College is located at 1025 Vermont Ave., NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20005.  The campus is just one block north of the McPherson Square Metro (Blue/Orange) stop and is easily accessible from Maryland and Virginia.  Established as HMI Regency School, the educational division of Health Management Inc. (HMI), the campus prepares students for careers as practical nurses and nursing assistants.  In 2004, the Board of Directors expanded the program to offer an Associates Degree in Registered Nursing.  Supported by accreditation from the District of Columbia Board of Nursing, the school became a degree-granting institution in 2005 and changed its name to Radians College. 

The newest member of the Medtech network of schools, Radians College offers Practical Nursing and Associates Degree in Registered Nursing programs, with additional programs in health care and social service leading to baccalaureate and master’s degrees under development.  For more information, contact 202-291-9020.

About Medtech
Medtech is a nationally accredited, leading post-secondary network of colleges and institutes with the goal of advancing healthcare career training.  Medtech campuses prepare students for extraordinary new lives by helping them explore opportunities, strive for excellence and gain the skills and confidence to achieve their full potential in the growing healthcare field.  Working hand-in-hand with students to provide an exceptional learning environment that incorporates comprehensive classroom instruction and personalized hands-on, practical experience, Medtech helps them create an extraordinary new future for themselves. 

Medtech prepares students for in-demand healthcare careers at 10 campuses in the District of Columbia, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland and Virginia.  Program offerings vary by campus; certain Medtech campuses offer accredited nursing training. Visit to learn more about Medtech education opportunities.

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