MIAMI NEW TIMES: For-Profit College Hired Strippers to Attract Students

Career College Central Summary:

  • A Miami based chain of for-profits colleges that is under hot water for ripping of tax payers is now the center of a stranger allegation: it used strippers to lure potential students to its school.
  • The allegations came after the U.S Attorney's Office and Florida's attorney general joined a class action lawsuit against FastTrain colleges.
  • FastTrain operated seven campuses throughout Florida until 2012 when it was raided by the FBI. The company is alleged to have falsified documents to receive more than $4.3 million in ill-gotten student loans and $2.2 million through Federal Pell grants.
  • According to The Herald, the suit now claims that FastTrain hired strippers. FastTrain "purposely hired attractive women and sometimes exotic dancers and encouraged them to dress provocatively while they recruited young men in neighborhoods to attend FastTrain," says the suit.

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