Milwaukee Career College to Offer iPads to Students Pursuing Medical Careers

Mobile technology and higher education are intersecting to offer today’s students better — and in some cases, more convenient — learning capabilities. At Milwaukee Career College (MCC), a technological leap forward will come this fall when the school will begin to provide Apple iPads to incoming students.

Intended for use as a learning resource and to help supplement expensive textbook costs, MCC will make iPads available to all students enrolling in Medical Assistant, Medical Billing & Coding Specialist, and Pharmacy Technician programs. The iPads will feature eBooks, medical dictionaries, a word processor, presentation software, a program for annotating documents, anatomy and physiology diagrams, and other interactive tools. The book-sized iPad device allows students to essentially carry an entire library of reference materials wherever they go. Using their iPad’s full capabilities, students can also form study groups, chat and even take exams.

“Technology is changing the landscape of the medical field,” said Jack (Hiroki) Takahashi, President of Milwaukee Career College. “We want our graduates to understand the latest modes of communication so they can be prepared to use these tools in the workplace. These programs give our students an edge and readies them for what they will experience on the job.”

For more than eight years, MCC has prepared students for entry-level, medical-related positions in a medical office, clinic, hospital setting or pharmacy. The addition of iPads as a learning tool forwards the school’s continual mission to provide students with an education that readies them for careers in today’s medical field.

MCC’s medical diploma programs train students to acquire the clinical, technical and administrative skills necessary to enter the healthcare field. With its flexible morning and evening programs, students can follow a career path in weeks. By following the daytime class schedule, students can complete their programs in 30 weeks. Students attending evening classes can finish their training in 38 weeks.

For more information about MCC or the incorporation of iPads as a learning resource, contact Jodi Coons, Director of Admissions, at (414) 257-2939 or

About Milwaukee Career College
Milwaukee Career College offers a high-quality education in the medical field that allows graduates to acquire skills for lifelong careers in a matter of months, not years. The college provides medical career training for students throughout the greater Milwaukee area to become certified in careers such as Medical Assistant, Medical Coding & Billing Specialist, and Pharmacy Technician. Flexible class hours are available in the morning, afternoon and evening. MCC supports students throughout the learning process with personalized career advising and lifetime job placement assistance for graduates. MCC is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) and approved to do business in Wisconsin as a private school by the Wisconsin Educational Approval Board, subject to the provisions of the Wisconsin Statutes and all Wisconsin Administrative Codes adopted pursuant to the statutes of the State of Wisconsin. For more information, visit

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