MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL: President Barack Obama’s plan for the middle class: Will the middle class buy it?

Career College Central Summary:

  • Most would agree that the middle class is being squeezed and could use a break.
  • So when the White House said that President Barack Obama would announce a new tax plan in the State of the Union address, one that would provide tax breaks for the middle class while forcing the rich to pay their fair share, you would think that most people would be on board.
  • Not so fast.
  • I conducted an unscientific study of my own Monday by talking to people all across the city, and I discovered that opinion broke just about 50-50 on whether taxing the wealthiest Americans to benefit the middle class was a good idea. The only clear consensus on how to support the middle class was that there need to be more jobs, but those I talked to were unclear on exactly how to go about doing that.
  • Finally, college costs are still too high. The government should require that colleges inform students of the likelihood of finding jobs in certain majors. And there needs to be a stop in the federal funding of for-profit colleges that offer little if any return to their graduates. Most end up with insurmountable debt that will likely go unpaid.

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