Misleading View of University

The Globe's Feb. 6 editorial “Sailing into a for-profit sun’’ offers a misleading view of University of Phoenix.

The graduation rates and debt levels that you cited for our university both nationally and in Boston are incomplete. These rates only measure first-year full-time students, ignoring a vast number of individuals because they don’t conform to this narrow definition of a college student.

In addition, student debt levels at our university are on par with both public and private nonprofit four-year colleges and universities.

University of Phoenix continues to provide a regionally accredited, quality education, and we are proud of our record of serving nontraditional students, including returning veterans, first-generation students, and working parents, who make up more than 70 percent of today’s student population.

University of Phoenix invests heavily in innovation and practical learning that provide a path to educational and professional advancement.
Mark Brenner

Senior vice president, external affairs

Apollo Group



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