MTOPs: Micro-Targeted Online Programs – (The Anti-MOOC?)

Why should MOOCs get all the ink?

Let's coin a term, a phrase, a meme. Will the MTOP – the Micro-Targeted Online Program – go viral? (Calling Thomas Friedman).

An MTOP shares the following 7 characteristics:  

1. An online (or blended) program with 50 or fewer students per year.

2. Narrowly focused, with a specialized curriculum and student demand profile.

3. A program that leads to an accredited degree.

4. Built on the expertise and specialization of a department, rather than individual faculty members.

5. Designed to build strong relationships between students and faculty.

6. Has a revenue model that is self-sustaining.

7. Is not limited to elite institutions, but is dependent on great academic departments.

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