NMETC Student Success Story: Rosemary Brinkerhoff

Student Success Story – Rosemary Brinkerhoff (in her own words):

My dream of becoming a paramedic became tangible the day I surfed on to this NMETC website in search of online paramedic learning. 

I began to realize the possibility of completing paramedic studies at my rural home via the internet alongside of caring for my large, busy family and working part time. In a telephone conversation with the President, Brad Newbury, my questions and concerns were laid to rest and I began the flexible online didactic classes.

The entire process, from start to finish was an exciting, enriching adventure, interacting with fellow students from around the world and experiencing new places during my internship. My journey involved obstacles including a devastating personal tragedy, but I didn’t back down and I reached my goal with hard work and the compassionate support of the skilled instructors at NMETC, for whom I have highest regard.

Brad and Kim Newbury, directors of this program, are exceptional people with distinguished standards in emergency medicine, who are fully committed to the success of their students. I am so grateful for their vision, determination and sacrifice that paved the way for my success!

This is a life changing second career for me – I didn’t want to fade into the sunset of retirement, but rather go out with a bang – passionate about my work, challenging myself to learn and improve. My paramedic certification was a gift to myself that will keep giving to others.

I didn’t want the regret of not having attempted my paramedic goal which was high on my bucket list but seemed almost unattainable due to my responsibilities in life. Life is very short and oftentimes, the set time is now. 

I am confident I received unsurpassed education in paramedicine that translates into confidence and outstanding patient care in the field. THANK YOU Brad, Kim and all the wonderful instructors at NMETC!

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