Nonprofit Colleges Online Releases “Students Before Profits Award” Ranking of Online RN to BSN Programs

Career College Central Summary:

  • Nonprofit Colleges Online, an online publication promoting non-profit colleges and universities that offer online degree programs in a variety of academic disciplines, has released a new ranking of online RN to BSN nursing programs. The ranking is part of the website's "Students Before Profits Award" rankings, which aims to bring attention to nonprofit institutions that offer quality online programs with a track record of "putting students before profits and education before the bottom line."  The series is an attempt to counteract the negative reputation that regarding online education created by exploitative practices of for-profit online education companies.
  • The Online RN to BSN ranking includes regionally accredited nonprofit colleges and universities that offer degree completion programs for students who already hold a current RN license and typically who have graduated from an Associate's level Nursing program.  To qualify for the award, schools must have nonprofit status and lower than average tuition rates. 
  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 19% increase in the need for registered nurses who hold a Bachelor's degree or higher in Nursing by 2022, which is an above average job market increase.  According to Brett Gershon, lead editor for the online RN to BSN ranking, "Registered Nurses can dramatically increase their job opportunities and rate of pay by pursuing a higher level of education.  The online RN to BSN option allows them to do this without leaving their current job."  "This ranking should be a valuable resource for nurses seeking a quality, accredited online bachelor's degree in nursing, especially those who want who consider affordability and program reputation high priorities."
  • Fort Hays State University occupies the number one position in the ranking with an estimated tuition cost of $12,122.  Western Governor's University and Baker College (in Flint Michigan) take up the second and third positions.

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