NWI TIMES: Jobs: Those who can, teach

Career College Central Summary:

  • When they’ve reached an accomplished point in their career – like plant supervisor, marketing manager or chief financial officer – more professionals are adding another title: Professor.
  • The growth in online education, community college enrollment, industry and professional certification programs, combined with students seeking real world education that translates into a job, have created a burgeoning demand for adjunct professors, explains Anthony Carnevale, director of the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce.
  • Adjuncts aren’t full-time professors or on a tenure track, but usually working professionals in other fields who teach part-time.
  • Another reason more adjuncts are being hired on is because it is “much less expensive to hire a part-timer,” notes Mark Sonder, of Mark Sonder Productions and an adjunct professor for George Washington University’s online Event Entertainment Management class.
  • But the pay isn’t what usually draws adjuncts. The posts boost your professional standing, says Sonder. Kelly Caldwell, Dean of Faculty at Gotham, a private creative writing school, notes: “I can’t speak for all adjunct instructors, but for many of us… it connects you to your craft in a new way.”

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