Obama Calls for Ed-tech Investment

Business leaders are intensifying their call for schools to retool their curriculum. A new report makes a strong economic case for why students must learn key 21st-century skills. And Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has highlighted an education plan that addresses the need to meet rising global challenges.

As of press time, notably absent in these discussions has been any acknowledgment by Republican presidential candidate John McCain of the need for schools to teach 21st-century skills, or the role technology can play in doing so.

McCain’s presidential platform does address educational technology, but only in the context of providing more choices for students and their parents. For instance, he says he would "reform" the Enhancing Education Through Technology program–the largest single source of federal funding for school technology–by reallocating $500 million in existing federal funds to build new virtual schools and support the development of online course offerings for students. Read full story. (eSchool News)



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