Obama Crackdown on For-Profit Colleges Faces Stiff Resistance

President Obama and his education secretary are facing a bipartisan revolt from almost 300 lawmakers, an unfavorable inspector general’s report and several lawsuits over a proposed crackdown on for-profit colleges, which train people for jobs ranging from plumbers to computer technicians.

"Can you think of any other issue that former Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the current Speaker John Boehner agree on?" asked Lanny Davis, a former legal counsel to President Clinton. "The policy is so wrongheaded that it brings liberals and conservatives together."

Harry Alford, the head of the National Black Chamber of Commerce isn’t happy either.

"There seems to be a big urgency here to go after for-profit colleges who educate a high number of African-American and Hispanic people in our communities," Alford told Fox News. "And for some reason, it’s full speed ahead."

What’s causing all the ruckus? The proposed regulation is aimed at what are known as career or vocational schools which train medical technicians, chefs, welders, electricians and the like. And many critics are puzzled by the administration’s move.

Melanie Sloan of the liberal watchdog group Citizens For Responsibility and Ethics in Washington notes it is "a regulation that would affect only for-profit colleges, not non for-profit colleges."

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