Obama, McCain boost for-profit educators

Heading into the political conventions, we review the two parties’ emergent platforms with respect to higher education. As might be expected, both parties are strongly in favor of it.

On balance, we characterize both parties’ platforms as equally favorable for the publicly traded providers. The Democratic platform favors new spending – but focuses primarily on traditional students. The Republican platform appears to represent a more fluid continuation of current policies, which are more critical of the status quo among traditional not-for-profit schools.

The following highlights include content culled from a draft copy of the Democrat’s platform document by the Chronicle of Higher Education, and information from the two candidates’ Web sites.

The political focus of the Barack Obama plan is on improving affordability with a strong emphasis on traditional students. It includes more new funding than the John McCain proposals though these benefits may not be relevant to the majority of non-traditional students enrolled at Career Schools.

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