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Colleges and universities that serve students who are Asian-American or Pacific Islanders and that also have large shares of low-income students won a victory in their search for greater recognition and federal funding last week: they’re now on the list.

That would be the official list of categories of minority-serving institutions maintained by the Education Department but used by agencies throughout the federal government for grants and other programs, including support for research centers, computer donation, internship opportunities and earmarked research dollars. Historically black colleges and universities are perhaps the best-known of the government’s minority-serving institutions, but the list also includes tribal colleges and universities, Hispanic-serving institutions, and institutions where at least half of the students are members of racial minorities, among others.

"It’s really incredible that campuses had no idea that they could have had access to this funding," said Robert Teranishi, an associate professor at New York University who worked with the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund to push for the institutions’ inclusion. Now that they are on the list, Asian-American and Native American Pacific Islander-serving institutions — known as AANAPISIs — are now eligible for at least 42 federal programs representing $500 million in funding, he said.

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