Online Application Woes Make Students Anxious And Put Colleges Behind Schedule

Career College Central summary:

  • The new version of the online Common Application shared by more than 500 colleges and universities has been plagued by numerous malfunctions, alarming students and parents and putting admissions offices weeks behind schedule
  • Colleges around the country have posted notices on their admissions Web sites, warning of potential problems in processing applications. Some Minnesota colleges have created an optional partial application. The Georgia Institute of Technology has one of the earliest fall application deadlines, Oct. 15, but it was not able to start reviewing applications on a large scale until last week and has postponed the deadline for some supporting paperwork until Nov. 1.
  • The problems have sown worry among students and increased the stress level in an already stressful experience.
  • For the nonprofit company, also called the Common Application, that creates the application form, it has been a summer and fall of frantic repair work, cataloged on its Web site, and frequent mea culpas.

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