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Aug/14/2015 - 3:10pm

For many years, U.S. manufacturers have lamented the shortage of job applicants with the skills needed to work in modern manufacturing. The old manufacturing jobs – rote repetition on an assembly line – are gone and are not coming back. We need bright young people who can handle sophisticated machinery and computers, but they are …

Aug/14/2015 - 2:59pm

Traditional colleges have been mostly on the sidelines for the early development of online microcredentials or badges — the kind that aren't linked to conventional courses and the credit hour. Educational technology companies and other alternative providers have taken the lead in working with employers on these skills-based credentials.

A new prototype from a group of …

Aug/14/2015 - 2:44pm

WASHINGTON — The Association of American Colleges and Universities has worked to make its voice heard in discussions about competency-based education, MOOCs and other trendy alternatives to traditional higher education.

Yet as the academy’s primary defender of the value of a liberal education, the group’s real goal must be to defend the status quo and keep …

Aug/13/2015 - 1:00pm

ACCSC Professional Development Conference
September 9 – 11, 2015
Renaissance Arlington Capital View | Arlington, Virginia 

The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges is excited to host the 2015 Professional Development Conference scheduled for September 9 – 11, 2015, at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View in Arlington, Virginia.

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Aug/13/2015 - 10:02am

Companies teaming up with local colleges and universities to develop employee training programs isn't new. But a program in Michigan has found success with an unusual way to fund these programs.

The Michigan New Jobs Training Program works as a two-way pipeline between the state's community colleges and local industries. Businesses looking for a well-trained workforce …

Aug/13/2015 - 9:42am

A line about the integrity of online learning in Hillary Clinton’s higher education plan has experts on online education questioning the candidate’s grasp of the market.

In a version of the plan distributed to the media this past weekend, the campaign said, “We must restore integrity to online learning and will not tolerate programs that fall …

Aug/12/2015 - 3:37pm

Four different perspectives on the strengths and challenges facing accreditation as our primary quality assurance process for higher education and the reforms that may be in the future.

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Aug/12/2015 - 3:32pm

Some colleges and universities that play big-time intercollegiate sports are sharply increasing the federally defined cost of attendance for students at their institutions this year — letting them provide several thousand more dollars in stipends for scholarship athletes, but resulting in little if any additional funds for other students.

The maneuvering is an outgrowth of the …

Aug/12/2015 - 3:27pm

If Donald Trump‘s made-for-tabloid musings have you wondering when the presidential candidates will seriously grapple with important issues, take a look at the brewing debate over college costs.

Even if you don’t carry student debt or have a kid headed to college, the higher-ed debate is worth following. More than any issue, it’s revealing how candidates …

Aug/11/2015 - 9:34am

Over the past 50 years, affirmative action has helped transform college student populations from monotone to vibrant and diverse.

The positive impact of affirmative action on the diversity of college campuses is hard to deny. The National Conference of State Legislatures reports that affirmative action programs have doubled, and in some cases tripled, the number of …

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