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Mar/05/2015 - 7:13pm

Career College Central Summary:

President Obama met with the Congressional Black Caucus in a contentious closed-door session two weeks ago to discuss historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). He reportedly said that those schools that could not improve their business practices and graduation rates should, as Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) characterized the remark, “go by the …

Mar/05/2015 - 7:09pm

Career College Central Sumary:

The former president of Concorde Career Colleges Inc. on Tuesday accused the for-profit school of using possibly illegal recruitment policies and violating the False Claims Act, alleging in Delaware federal court breach of contract claims and wrongful termination after he tried to stop further violations.

John L. Hopkins, whose three-month tenure ended in …

Mar/04/2015 - 7:18pm

Career College Central Summary:

William Dudley, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, delivered a speech on Wednesday morning that drove home just how dangerous an investment student loans are for American taxpayers.

Speaking at a conference on student loan data, Dudley outlined the consequences of the unique way the U.S. government lends money to …

Mar/04/2015 - 7:05pm

Career College Central Summary:

Thousands of veterans and active-duty members of the armed services have filed complaints against colleges through an online system created just over a year ago, officials in the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs said on Tuesday.

Speaking at a meeting of the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities, the officials said …

Mar/04/2015 - 7:01pm

Career College Central Summary:

On March 14, 2014, the United States Department of Education released to the public a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking through which the administration is making known its proposal to amend federal regulations for addressing the issue of whether several post-secondary educational program offerings are appropriate in preparing students for gainful employment in …

Mar/04/2015 - 6:57pm

Career College Central Summary:

To say that education for profit is just about "tax status" – as the industry lobbyists frequently assert – is like saying the distinguishing difference between vodka and water is the calories. The effect on self-control is more important, in both cases.

Federal financial aid makes for-profit colleges more predatory. As an owner, …

Mar/03/2015 - 10:16pm

Career College Central Summary:

Former for-profit college students who publicly announced a "debt strike" have gained a prominent endorsement from an influential member of Congress.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) said Tuesday she supports the 15 former students who declared last week they won't make payments on their federal student loans. Waters, the top Democrat on the House …

Mar/03/2015 - 10:13pm

Career College Central Summary:

Sometimes, the act of observing a phenomenon can actually change its outcome.

This isn’t a new concept for the physics majors out there. Schrodinger and his cat are the go-­to example in the scientific realm, but the concept can be found in plenty of places, especially education. In primary and secondary education, this …

Mar/03/2015 - 10:08pm

Career College Central Summary:

Fifty years ago students burned their draft cards to protest an immoral war against the people of Vietnam. Today it's a different kind of war, immoral in another way, waged against young Americans of approximately the same age, and threatening them in a manner that endangers not their lives but their livelihoods. 

There …

Mar/03/2015 - 10:03pm

Career College Central Summary:

After a recent government crackdown on the multibillion-dollar career-training industry, stricter limits on student aid and devastating publicity about students hobbled by debt and useless credentials, some for-profit schools simply shut down.

But a few others have moved to drop out of the for-profit business altogether, in favor of a more traditional approach …

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