PCC Signs Articulation Agreement with University of Phoenix

On Feb. 1 Pratt Community College started an articulation agreement with the University of Phoenix.

The agreement will create a pathway for students who graduate from PCC in Nursing, Electrical Power Technology, Business and Accounting, Agriculture, Automotive or Agriculture Power Technology to go to the University of Phoenix seamlessly.

The university created a transfer guide for programs listed above that tells a student which classes they need at PCC and how they will transfer.

The university offers bachelor degrees in all these programs online and has some of them available at their on campus site in Wichita.

“By having the option to get their degree online, students can work full time and take smaller class sizes,” said Dr. William Wojciechowski, President of the college. “It also allows them to work more at their own pace, which is a benefit to many students.”

Wojciechowski then added that these are benefits to all online courses but that with the University of Phoenix you can get the full degree online, which isn’t an option at all schools.

As a part of the agreement, the university is offering a discount on tuition for PCC graduates and also for PCC employees, who go into one of their bachelor programs.

Another benefit to the agreement is that the university is willing to look at student’s work experience and will give them college credit for it, if they learned the same information on the job that they would in a class. Students can receive up to 30 hours of college credit this way.

Wojciechowski said what might be the biggest perk to taking classes at the University of Phoenix after finishing at PCC is that students can transfer up to 80 hours to the university from PCC. Most 4-year schools and universities only accept 64.

According to Wojciechowski this is a benefit because students can take more courses at PCC for less money before transferring.

“Even though the cost is expensive on the surface, when you look at job experience and the additional courses you can take here, you will find it to be very competitive to other four-year schools,” Wojciechowski said.

PCC is a comprehensive community college, offering an associate’s degree in general education as well as technical education studies and business and industry training. Students may transfer to a 4-year university or enter the workforce upon completion of their degree of training.

For more information about Pratt Community College call (620) 450-2217 or visit www.prattcc.edu.


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