Pearson Extends Special Pricing on its Products to Help Educators

Pearson, the education and technology company, reportedly said it will help educators looking for ways to invest the stimulus funds to achieve long-term learning gains for students by extending special pricing on its Waterford Early Learning and SuccessMaker products through the end of calendar year.

Company officials said that Waterford Early Learning was designed to give students a solid foundation in math and science skills and to develop critical thinking and was specifically designed for the early childhood population. It’s SuccessMaker, a digital, supplementary, curriculum solution and a highly engaging, animated, research-based program was designed to support classroom instruction in reading and mathematics.

Pearson first introduced special pricing in February to help schools throughout the United States more readily afford the acquisition and implementation of technology-based instructional programs. The company extended the special pricing so that new customers of Waterford Early Learning can save between $50 and $450 per concurrent user license and the savings per license on SuccessMaker range from $250 to $550.

Pearson officials said that many of the schools have already taken advantage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act pricing structure and hopes that the stimulus funding will put students especially those most-at-risk on a success path in school and in life. With its special pricing policy on its products, the company intends to help educators multiply the impact of their federal stimulus dollars by using technology to personalize learning and improve student achievement.

Grace Stopani, Pearson’s grants and funding manager, said that these stimulus funds offer districts an incredible chance to modernize classrooms with 21st century technology that will continue impacting student achievement long after the money is gone. To simplify the ARRA process, Pearson is offering districts assistance with grant writing, ongoing webinars that provide insight into the stimulus, and an e-mail hotline where educators can ask funding or product questions.

In other news, Pearson eCollege and NonPublic Educational Services Inc. entered into a multi-year partnership and Pearson had offered new Green Data Center reports.


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